Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Worldews from febuary 8 2003 onwards(written sept 2005 article 41)

Use this old information as usefully as you can,if you want more detail on any thing i mention then simply use the google search box on this website to go find more detail on an article and then come back to to continue catching up on the most important events of the last few years, please bookmark my website in tyour browser so you can come back anytime you wish and remember just as you pay for a newspaper i need payments from my users so join and donate any money you can to thanks, now to the news...saturday 8 febuary 2003.. depressed mum spiked 5 year olds urine with her blood sample and he underwent surgery twice unnecessarily.+++ a burglar who raided 600 homes gets 7 years jail.+++sunday 9th feb.. bulgers gilfriend(hes a child killer )has no idea who he really is as hes been given a new identity by the morons who rule us.+++ dna database solved 14,785 crimes in 2000-2001 exellent work.+++ use bleach in a chemical attack. fear a dirty bomb may be used soon.+++monday 10 feb.. online farmers sell £300m of food last year to fight back against greedy supermarkets.+++ columbia hints at IRA link as 33 die in a blast.+++ tuesday 11 feb.. 60k hurt trying to open bottles jars and tins a year!.+++ wednesday 12 feb.. heathrow airport london on terror alert as rocket attack is feared.+++ inspector depressed after being turned down for promotion looses case for compensation.+++ 5 years jail for plane bomber of airindia flight in 1985 that killed 329 humans.+++thursday 13 feb.. cia say north korea has nuclear weapons and nmissles that could hit usa.+++ 48 killed in ebola outbreak in west african state of congo..brazzaville.+++ anti noise laws keep planes in missle range..need to change these rules fast.+++ rupert murdock owns news corp and 20th century fox studios..hey dude donate to me!.+++ friday 14 feb.. grenade in londons gatwick airport luggage from a 37 year old man from venezuela.+++ japan thretens ist strike at north korea if it judges them as preparing a missle attack on them.+++ flying lanterns threaten malaysian flights so theyre banned now.+++ enron energy company paid no income tax from 1996-1999..nice business ethics.+++ sat 15th.. dolly the cloned sheep dies.+++ cia assets captured in columbia when their light plane crashes.+++ russian tax police use lie detectors on businessmens children aged 14 plus.+++ usa think tank says hush up armageddon event so as not to damage the stock market!!!!!..what have i been telling you not only is the uk run by morons so is the rest of the world especially the usa.+++sunday 16 feb..footballer paul gasgoine"gazza" has depression and ocd..obsessive compulsive disorder.+++race to find 2 russian rocket launchers smuggled into the uk worth £16k each.+++ monday 17 feb.. binladen says bush plans a greater israel.+++ tuesday congestion charge for motorists begins..good for the environment..must get fat lazy car drivers to drive less.+++ 21 killed in chicago nightclub stampeed after someone sprayed a pepper spray.+++ some people say alien abduction belief is a sleep disorder..not if it happens when your awake!.+++ wed 19.. 120 die in trian arson attack in south korea..a 56 year old with mental health problems started afire.+++pc hacker gets 5.6million american creditcard account details.+++1976 plane wreck found 16,730feet up mount chimbrazo in equador..59 died..planes being uncovered up mountains often due to glabal warming melting away snow and exposing stuff.+++thursday 20 feb 2003.. univercitys should be open to all george holland says..idiot..should be for clever people only.+++ mounir el motassadeq a moroccan jailed for 15 years for 3000 september 11 murders.+++ has a funny tv advert on where aman sticks giant fingersfrom "brilliant industrys" in his ears and goes lalala im not listening when someone calls him about his debts..but the ad is to promote a ive said before never borrow money if youll be charged interest..its a scam.+++300 killed as military plane crashes in iran in bad weather.+++ altavista the internet search engine where advertisers pay to get there search listings higher up than a proper search engine like is sold for $140m to overture services which was formerly was once valued at $3bn during the dotcom frenzy.+++

Worldnews from febuary 1 2003 onwards(written sept2005 article 40)

Saturday febuary 1st 2003..phil spector the music producer gives his first interview in 25 years.+++ ryanair buys buzz for £3m.+++ jailed paedophile who plotted girls murder gets life.not enough id run him over with a steam roller.+++ seized paper prooves binladen has dirtybomb.+++ 28 held in plot to bomb naples italy.. found during hunt for illegal immigrants.+++ sunday feb 2.. the space shuttle explodes on reentry to planet earth..piece of foam that is sprayed onto the main fuel tank fell off on take off and punched a hole in the strongest part of the shuttles wing..american scum bags start selling pieces of the crashed shuttle on ebay auction site..if an investigation had been needed potentially crucial pieces could have disappeared forever.+++ saddam gave september 11 hijackers a jet to practice on say the sunday express newspaper in england..bullshit i dont believe this and sunday express didnt produce any proof.+++ waiter stole £200m art collection, his mum shredded the art to cover it up! and the thief became depressed when his mum did that.+++ anasthetic causes damage in rats brains so operations on human children may be unsafe.+++russian children used as internet sex slaves murdered because they new too much..must catch every scum bag on this planet and make them pay for their evil crimes.+++ feb 3.. saddam faces 10 times the number of missles fired in gulfwar1.+++ junk food to be taken off prison menu in bid to reduce violence.+++ feb 4.. woman jogger killed in a london park 2 men seen running away.+++ phil spector shoots a woman dead..lana clarkson a minor actress.+++ governments welfare to work scheme called "one" a failure..its cost £160m.+++ wednesday 5 feb.. bbc archers programme fans get a virus, the sobig worm which scans a harddrive for email addresses and first appeared 1 month ago, last month the explorezip worm virus was released also.+++ road rage driver reversed over a bike buggy..there are too many angry people in the uk.+++ thursday 6 feb.. thinktank called demos..get ideas from me.+++ germanys jobless goes up 400,000 in 1 month.+++ ted turner lost $8bn in the aol merger with timewarner.+++friday 7 feb.. the burglar granted legalaid of £5k to sue tony martin (the burglary victim who shot dead 1 burglar)is jailed for 18months for supplying heroin.+++marsha mcdonnell aged 19 is beaten to death yards from her home in hampton southwest london.+++ michael jackson slags off martin bashir the journalist.+++north korea threatens !st nuclear strike at usa.+++