Monday, December 04, 2006

Pinkfloyd's Syd Barrett by a neighbour (article 65)

I was Syd Barrett 's neighbour for decades, i have a unique insight into the reclusive rock star, some of my story was published in the Mail on Sunday newspaper in the UK on Sunday 3rd of December 2006 this however is not the full story there is far more to the story than got published, many bizarre incidents have been witnesses, some scary some funny but all add up to the only truthfully recollection of what Syd Barrett did after he left PinkFloyd , this is info that will come to light when i want it to.

Thanks for all enquiries Ive had from the media Ive now decided how i will release the full story so you'll just have to wait now , ill let you know here on my blog when the info will be coming out so bookmark my website in your browsers and check back when you want to. Syd's biographers and other media have been fed a lot of lies about Syd by certain people wishing to gloss over the truth of how badly drugs messed him up, i am happy to set the record straight to help prevent anyone else ending up how he did.

I am getting comments from people saying why are you saying this?, Syd never did anything to you.. now if you've read the Mail on Sunday article you'll have got a very small taste of what I've had to endure for decades, as I said this is just the tip of the iceberg..far worse has happened over the years which will come to light, i am a PinkFloyd fan and a fan of Syd's music but if you bother to read biography's on Syd you ought to know he's been mentally ill since around 1968, the reason i am willing to unleash the facts of what happened to Syd are simple..i grew up next door to him, ( I've experienced situations no child should ever have to ) I've had a very very mentally ill/unstable/terrifying man as a neighbor, by all accounts no member of PinkFloyd have had any contact with him since they had to drop him from PinkFloyd due to him becoming mad by using loads of drugs...mainly LSD and Cannabis. ( the 1975 incident was Syd going to see them unannounced and uninvited ) Its all very well occasionally checking a royalty checks been sent to Syd..but he barely got ANY of this money....more on this in the future, also no PinkFloyd members EVER visited him. ( Syd Barrett fans use your wisdom to judge what this means ) by this i mean they knew he was mad and saw no point in going to see him.

People say PinkFloyd and Syd Barrett's family protected him...Where's your proof ? name names and what help you have knowledge of, don't post anonymous comments if you expect me to take you seriously. I am not going into detail here( that will be in the book I'm writing ) all i can say now is your very naive and wrong about the whole situation, ask yourself how you would know what you claim to know. Stop looking at my story from a Syd Barrett the musicians fans point of view and open up your intelligence ( if you can ) to try and see what i am trying to get across.
Ive had  ex friends ruined by drugs after going to uni  some becoming catatonic ( in 1995 ) , other people ive met or worked with became homeless and mentally ill, i have even had friends(people i had to work with)  die from drugs, add all i have had to endure from Roger ( Syd ) Barrett and what you get is me.. someone with a massive amount of understanding of how seriously bad drugs are, anyone thinking i am in this purely for money is only portraying their own greedy jealous ideas, you seem to see only money making as my motive, when i am trying to warn people about illegal drugs effects.

The mail article was edited by someone other than me, once i have had my full say in my book you'll get the whole picture, don't judge me on a short abbreviated article which includes some info i didn't say! I more than ANY Syd Barrett fan have far more compassion for him than you ever will..your just fans of his music, i have witnesses what he's had to go through YOU HAVE NOT, so be thankful the truths finally coming out . My main aim is to stop people ending up like Syd Barrett and put a stop to other people lies that Syd' s been living a quiet peaceful life in Cambridge...yeah right and Baghdad Iraq is a good place for UK and American tourists to go for a picnic !!! .I hope true Syd fans now understand where i am coming from, please stay off drugs unless you want to become mentally ill, its as simple as that, best wishes for a drug free happy life from me.

Ill now post a link for you lot to read so those of you with no previous knowledge of Syd's troubles can see that I'm telling the truth about Syd for good reason, once you've read it all by all means bookmark my website in your browser and use the comments button to send me your new opinion on the Mail on Sunday article of December 3 2006, there are some half truths and lies in this article only his neighbor's could know but a lot of it is accurate enough...,11913,804928,00.html

by all means leave a comment on this article ( mine and this observer one) if you include your email address in a comment this would be online for all to see..and you'll get loads of spam emails .

UPDATE on 27 July 2007 i have published a comment i got from someone telling me to read a book called a fish out of water which has comments from Syd Barrett's sister in it... quite frankly in a way i agree maybe Syd Barrett's serious mental problems were not just simply schizophrenia but some of his behaviour was very close to this, his brain was seriously messed up by drugs to such an extent a simple label of 1 mental illness may not be entirely accurate. But please don't just believe any statements just because they come from a family member ( no offence rosemary ) . Open your mind and think about what you would tell the media if your family member went mad..ever heard of only giving out half truths???

Update done august 2007.. to the fools who do not believe what i told a national newspaper please get a life Syd Barrett hardly spoke to anyone thanks to his messed up brain..most probably due to his cannabis use in the 60s..its now scientifically proven cannabis causes people to become catatonic. If you still think i am some how attacking Syd Barrett your extremely stupid and probably have an IQ of under 75. Syd Barrett's crazy nasty behaviour in the 1980's..and i mean every year was like having the neighbor from hell he should have been in a mental hospital for his own sake let alone those who lived so close and saw and heard all his insane goings on.

I think there will always be extremely stupid people when it comes to celebrities, no matter what truth is told about someone famous there will always be morons who refuse to believe the truth.. why can't they get a life? how can they possibly know whats true or not about a man they have never met, never helped in any way while he lived a terrible existence due to drugs, or never lived next to during the time he was at his worst in terms of his severe mental problems? If you care about Syd Barrett ad mental problems i suggest you go help out at a drug prevention charity or mental health charity or go see a mental hospital and see people messed up by drugs...i still expect some idiots will write comments to me saying how can you say this..what can i do? the worlds full of stupid people..many stupid due to their drug use or because their parents used drugs and its affected them via their genes. Ive highlighted the truth of Syd Barrett in a newspaper, explaining his horrible life after PinkFloyd and i have done immense good already i have told many millions of people via the media what drugs can do to a man, and i am 100% sure ill have prevented many people from trying the very few morons being nasty to me in pathetic anonymous comments ( they cant even have the balls to show who they really are, or haven't the computer skills to figure out how to show their real name ) carry on in your stupid dream world imagining Syd Barrett lived a normal life, carry on believing the cover up told to biographers that he more or less lived a normal life, to the vast majority of people who can tell i am telling the truth please could you tell me what can i say to turn the morons who don't believe I'm trying to help prevent drug induced mental illness into accepting the truth?

update on January 21 2009, i just had an anonymous comment from someone claiming to have known me all my life ( which is clearly very inaccurate ) they say "would i know enough about you to write a book" ? No you wouldn't. You certainly wouldn't have enough for a book as you have never been in the situation i was in with Syd see you have no idea whats happened i only told you a tiny number of incidents, you have absolutely no idea what secrets i have to spill, fortunately for me my book publisher sees a huge market for my insights , so the fact you think no one would read it is a sad pathetic comment coming from a place of either anger towards me for other reasons or jealousy or both. The person who wrote to me clearly has a grudge and is an ex friend, ( called Mark ) i know who you are and i know all to well about the mental illness you suffered from drug use, i truly hope you get over the fact i cant be your friend again and i hope you move on with your life and get the help you need.

update Feb 4 2009 spud your old fsmail email doesnt exist anymore. You ignored my phone call to your vodaphone mobile. The police are now involved. I suggest you use to apologize to me . Let me know if you use this so i can go read what you have to say.
Update on April 9 2009 my reply to to the person saying when is your book out mister big mouth.... first its Mr not mister ( you spell like an old African friend of mine !, where are you and who are you?) ill answer you if you don't post anonymously

Update on April 26 2009 my reply to Mark Anglesey 's comment i got on April 26..well Mark what I've said in this blog isn't overly remarkable.. i agree ! I'm hardly going to give away the juicy info i have on here for free when i'm putting it all into a book...please use you brain more when analyzing information. His ( Roger Barrett's ) behaviour would get any one sectioned these days..but as a child id have had no idea about how to inform the authority's about someone behaving the way he did... so ill ask have your read the Mail on Sunday article?? that helps explain things a bit more than I've said on my blog. People who admire a "wayward lifestyle" as you put it maybe admire his hippy like existence but unfortunately have been severely mislead into believing he lived a sort of normal life...again read the newspaper article to get a glimpse of the real truth about what sort of things really happened. I couldn't care less if Syd Barrett fans are even told about my book..your missing the point, this isn't a book targeting PinkFloyd/Syd Barrett fans ! As for Roger Barrett's gardening your making me laugh..yet again i say read the mail on Sunday article or buy my book when its released..based on all your comments i wonder if your really called Mark Anglesey..i suspect your another Mark i know , a person with no friends what so ever who's holding a silly grudge against me who cant stand the fact i don't ever want to be his friend anymore due to his personality changing for the worse due to his drug use.

Update on August 16 2009 I still get the odd angry anonymous comment about this article, someone keeps saying my writing style is bad...well point out something you think is bad and ill go over it with you..simply copy and paste a paragraph you thinks badly written and send it in a comment to me pointing out what you thinks wrong. You may also point me to something you have written to show me your superior writing style. The accusing person ( Mark s) says people post anonymously as they don't want to be associated with me .. in your case Mark s your correct ill never have anything to do with you again you clearly need to contact your doctor and ask for treatment. If you think anyone's embarrassed by what i have to say about Syd i am glad as the whole world should be embarrassed by what Syd became. Every one i know that knows you Mark says how odd you became and that's why they all stopped being friends with you. Your so ignorant about why its important to expose mental illness as suffered by Syd because you've suffered yourself, in your twisted mind you see me as a threat for pointing out just how bad mental illness is, i hope you can get the help you need and become normal again.

Oh and expect a visit from the Police !, yes i can screenwrite, yes i can race cars, yes im great with Computer  advice so are you jealous you have no talents???? and what are you ? a mad person who digs in the dirt !